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Projets de recherche
et développement de programmes de prévention 
Laboratory Mission Statement
Axes of Research

Diane Marcotte is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and has been a professor-researcher for over 20 years. She’s the head of the Research Laboratory on School-Based Mental Health  and founder of two prevention programs: the Pare-Chocs depression prevention program for teenagers and the Zenstudiesdepression and anxiety prevention program for young adults. Her research primarily focuses on the emergence of depression and anxiety during the transitions between primary school and secondary school and between secondary school and college. 

Welcome to the website of the Research Laboratory on School-Based Mental Health (labomarcotte) of the Université du Québec à Montréal. Our research can be divided into two principal axes: mental health (primarily depressive and anxiety disorders) in relation to the school context and school dropout. 

About Us


Mental health in college-level education: providing teachers and mental health care professionals with tools to reduce dropout rates following the transition to college 

Researchers: Marcotte, D.

Partners : Fédération des cégeps

Funding agencies : Rossy Family Fundation, Bell Foundation


October 6th 2021

Now available, the English version of Zenstudies!

The prevention program Zenstudies: Making a Healthy Transition to Higher Education is now available at the University of Ottawa Press.

The launch will be held on this Wednesday, October 6th at noon. Click here to register for the event.


Coming up on May 6 2021

Le 88e congrès de l'Acfas

549 - Santé mentale des étudiants postsecondaire: les enjeux et les pistes d'intervention


Spring 2021

Publication of the English version of Zenstudies

Coming soon

May 2018

New funding for the implementation of Zenstudies: Making a healthy transition to higher education

The Marcotte Lab is grateful to benefit from funding from the Rossy Family Foundation and the Bell Let’s Talk Foundation. This donation will give us the opportunity to work with the Fédération des cégeps to implement and evaluate the Zenstudies prevention program in several CEGEPs across Quebec. With this evaluative study, we aim to make Zenstudies best practice when it comes to prevention strategies in Canadian youth’s mental health and contribute to Mental Health Commission of Canada’s development of a mental health national standard for students in higher education. The Rossy Family Foundation and the Bell Let’s Talk Foundation are commiting to donate $500,000 in contribution to this project. 

September 2017

Zenstudies will be implemented in 11 CEGEPs in 2017–2018

The three modules of the Zenstudies prevention program are available for purchase at Presses de l’Université du Québec. We invite you to click on the project’s tab on our website to learn more about Zenstudies and have access to media interviews.

September 2016

Zenstudies wins awards!

We’re proud to announce that two of our presentations received awards at the American College Health Association (ACHA) Annual Meeting. In 2015, the authors of the Zenstudies program received the award for best poster presentation and in 2016, our lab won the award for best student poster presentation.  

May 2016

Publication of our prevention program, Zenstudies: Making a healthy transition to higher education. 

We’re very pleased to announce the publication of the Zenstudies prevention program. The program is published at Presses de l’Université du Québec. The first module of the program is already available, whereas the second and third modules will both be available in August 2016. Training is offered for teachers and mental health workers who are interested in developing a better understanding of the program. 


Intervention program for teenagers with depression

Researchers: Marcotte, D.
Funding agencies: Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ)



Longitudinal study on depression during school transitions

Longitudinal study on depression during school transitions: contribution of personal, family and school factors in the context of the transition between primary school and secondary school and between secondary school and college. 

Researchers: Diane Marcotte, UQÀM; Co-researcher : Laurier Fortin, Université de Sherbrooke
Partners: Commission scolaire de la Riveraine, Commission scolaire des Patriotes
(La Riveraine School Board, Patriotes School Board)
Funding agencies: CRSH 2003-1



Study on vocational training students’ mental health

Thanks to the collaboration of 10 vocational training centers, we will present a portrait of these students’ mental health, establish a directory of services in support of their mental health, and contribute to a better understanding of service use by students who need them. Also, we will communicate the best practices we found across all vocational training centers in Québec.

Team: Marie-Hélène Véronneau, Ph. D. (chercheuse principale), Annie Dubeau, Ph. D., Isabelle Plante, Ph. D., Diane Marcotte, Ph. D. (cochercheuses), Éva Lefebvre (coordonnatrice), Évelyne Montminy (assistante de recherche principale). 

Partners : Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ), Mouvement Santé mentale Québec, Table des responsables de l’éducation des adultes du Québec (TREAQ), Association québécoise d’information scolaire et professionnelle (AQISEP). 


Funding : Québec Research Funds – Society and culture and the Québec Ministry of Education and Higher Education.


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