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Prevention Program for Teenagers with Depression 





A prevention program for teenagers with depression. Leader's manual. Participant's manual. This project consists of developing, disseminating, and evaluating a prevention program for teenagers with depression in Quebec and French schools. The Pare-Chocs program aims to treat depression among adolescents in a school or clinical context. 
Based on the latest American and Australian programs, Pare-Chocs consists of twelve meetings between two leaders and six to ten participants. Program components include emotional education, cognitive restructuring, increasing enjoyable activities, relaxation techniques, social skills, negotiation and problem-solving skills, body image and self-esteem. The program is published by Septembre Éditeur (August 2006). The complete kit includes two leader's manuals (194 pages), 12 participant's manuals (129 pages), 14 reproducible cards, 12 CD-ROMs of Jacobson's relaxation technique, 12 mood thermometers, 10 memory aids, 4 posters and 10 participation certificates.


The Pare-Chocs program is available for mental health professionals, member of a professional order. To get access to the program (French only) please complete the form below. 





Funding agencies:

Marcotte, D.


Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ)

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