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ZENSTUDIES : Making a healthy transition to higher education

Mental health in college-level education: providing teachers and mental health care professionals with tools to reduce dropout rates following the transition to college 



2.3 Resources and strategies for managing anxiety


This section provides tools and links to resources that will enable you to develop skills to solve problems and handle difficult situations. While some documents discuss more personal themes (e.g., self-esteem, love relationships), others focus on situations experienced by a large number of students (e.g., scheduling, exams, sources of difficulty, etc.).


These resources will give you the opportunity to acquire effective strategies to prevent intense stress and anxiety and the development of depression.



1. Weekly planner 


Good time management is an important part of academic success during the transition from high school to college. It can help reduce anxiety, especially during exam periods or times of intense activity. Try using a weekly planner such as the one below to plan your week. Many CEGEPs and universities offer similar documents through the student services section of their websites.


First, enter all of your classes. Second, add the amount of time you intend to spend studying for each of your courses. Third, if you have a job, add the hours you spend working. Finally, add all of your leisure activities (sports, going out with friends, etc.). Once you have planned your week, you can determine whether your schedule is realistic or too busy. Don't forget to leave room for last-minute changes and unexpected events!

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