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ZENSTUDIES : Making a healthy transition to higher education

Mental health in college-level education: providing teachers and mental health care professionals with tools to reduce dropout rates following the transition to college 



2.3 Resources and strategies for managing anxiety


2.3.5 Additional Online Resources 

Link to the Soutien psychologique section of UQAM's Vie étudiante website.


Link to the Centre de santé et de consultation psychologique de l'UdeM on the Université de Montreal website.


Link to the Centre d'aide aux étudiants section of Université Laval’s website

Link to the SAMI Perseverance Program


Refer to the Revivre website for fact sheets. Revivre is a non-profit organization that collaborates with the institutional and community mental health network to help those suffering from anxiety, depressive and bipolar disorders and their loved ones throughout Quebec.





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