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ZENSTUDIES : Making a healthy transition to higher education

Mental health in college-level education: providing teachers and mental health care professionals with tools to reduce dropout rates following the transition to college 



2.3 Resources and Strategies for Managing Anxiety


2.3.2 Pleasant Activities

Taking part in pleasant activities, especially with people we enjoy, is a great way to counter depression and improve our mood. These activities help us maintain a balance in life, i.e., balancing school, work, family, and leisure.


This questionnaire provides a list of enjoyable activities. Start by filling it out. Then, follow the instructions on how to use it and understand your results.



How to use this questionnaire?

In the first column, the one that represents the frequency that you do this activity, circle each activity you rated 0. In the second column, the one that represents your enjoyment of each activity, circle each activity you rated 2.


That way, when you look at the activities that you have circled, you can see that there are some activities you really enjoy but don't do often. Try to do these activities more often - chances are your mood will improve.




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