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ZENSTUDIES: Making a healthy transition to higher education

Mental health in college-level education: providing teachers and mental health care professionals with tools to reduce dropout rates following the transition to college 






Across North America, higher education institutions report a dramatic increase in the number of requests for mental health consultations. Among mental health problems, depression is one of the strongest predictors of school drop-out during the transition from high school to college. In an effort to prevent school dropout, our team has developed a prevention program,  Zenstudies: Making a healthy transition to higher education(Marcotte, Viel, Paré & Lamarre, 2016). This program is currently the subject of a large implementation study (2018–2021) involving several CEGEPs across Quebec to support the effectiveness of the program using evidence-based data. 


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Marcotte, D.


Fédération des cégeps


Rossy Family Foundation, Bell Foundation 

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